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Manufacture track record

With ample experience, technical know-how and an extensive design portfolio, we will graphically portray your message.

We provide optimal promotional tools to suit your specific needs. Our tools will help to attract customers, improve name recognition and successfully promote your products.

Logo-mark Production

We use our extensive design know-how to incorporate your company's philosophy/product strategy into top quality, inspiring logos.

OEM navi WEB site logo:ActionSNS Ninja Fan Communication Shop logo:BABY FOLD FACTORY WEB site logo:Action SNS company logo:Proactive Co., Ltd. Event logo:UP-FRONT HAWAII INC

Catalog/ Pamphlet Production

We design/produce catalogs and pamphlets that are easy to use, enhance recognition and increase publicity. We help select paper type, finishing processes, and printing methods that collectively create distinctive, unique catalogs and pamphlets.


Poster・Flyer・Leaflets Production

We create flyers, posters and catalogs that both convey the outstanding service your company provides and inspires consumers to buy your products.

Poster・Leaflet:BABY GOLD FACTORY Article Handbill:Kana flextime corporation Co., Ltd. Event Fryer Event Fryer Article Handbill:Go Beck stray da Poster:Ginza Suehiro cafeteria service Co., Ltd. matsui Campaign handbill

Novelty Goods Production

We plan, design, develop and manufacture distinct novelty goods with our unique background as a design company. We help pin-point your sales promotion strategy and create novelty goods ideal for events and sales campaigns as well as company mementoes.

Sticker:Association of corporate judicial person Iga-Ueno sightseeing Ninjya Fortune-telling:Association of corporate judicial person Iga-Ueno sightseeing Shop item:BABY GOLD FACTORY


Toa Seikei Co, Ltd. <Aluminum casting>
Making the “unknown” “known” through the use of animated images.
As the casting industry is largely unknown by most non-industry people, our client wished to share what casting is about.
We created dynamic images that show their casting process with an animated touch.
According to our client, the number of inquiries increased afterwards.
Ginza Suehiro Cafeteria Service Co, Ltd.  様<Corporation cafeteria management>
A movie makes the presentation truly impressive.
We created a movie for our client’s internal presentation. From the company's history to their future vision, the movie incorporated images, copies and messages---all designed to stimulate employee motivation.
Auvicul Co, Ltd.  様<LED light, product planning and sales>
Hardware & contents sold as a set.
Our client sought a way to enhance their hardware (for digital signage) sales. We proposed the idea of selling hardware with contents as a set. For one of our client’s large customer base, dental clinics, we created such contents.
Chiefa Seafood Restaurant
Appealing originality promoted uniquely.
We created a movie for our client’s promotional needs. Our client wanted something unique and different. Our fully animated movie instilled a distinctively original restaurant image.

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